An English Eccentric



Welcome to my homepage. I am a philosophy post-graduate from Warwick University and my first book, "The Resurrection of Oscar Wilde” was published in May 2007.

It is inspired by my fascination, not only with Oscar Wilde, but with the extra-ordinary power of his appeal.

As well as academic, my interests are also creative. I design all my own clothes and have decorated my flat inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras

I am currently working on a novel, more details of which will be published on this site when it is nearer completion.

I describe myself as an “English eccentric”, a writer and a personality; in no particular order. I like to cause a stir, to provoke discussion, and above all, to entertain.

I hope that those of you who visit this site will find those qualities therein.

Happy browsing!
Love J.